Life of the party.

Leading the way with conviction to add the life of the party to your night out, in style.


Right, the party…

Marquis - Wednesdays at Brassaii

For those who make their own schedule, Wednesdays are a lifestyle.

Rec Room - Thursdays at Everleigh

You got game? Show us, with games such as: arcade, pool, foos-ball, ping-pong… it’s on!

Darkroom - Fridays at Wildflower

You’ve found the underground at the Thompson Hotel.

NightViews - Saturdays on The Thompson Hotel Rooftop

NightViews for days; experience one of the iconic rooftops the city of Toronto has to offer.

Monthly Sunday Brunches

A brunch experience like no other; the perfect marriage of great food and the right amount of bubbly.

Our Team.

  • The operators and cast that bring the zing.
  • Niels Dekker Founder
    Alex Chan Photographer
    Umit Soltani Event Captain
    Ameer Ali Host
    Karan Chadha Host

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